The Boru Glass


The Boru is an altogether more contemporary, geometrical design than the classic curves of our other glassware. A double-wall design allows a linear, minimalist exterior, while the interior offers the curvature that exemplifies the other glassware and improves its performance.

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While the exterior calls to mind an elegant, classic tumbler, the double-walled form allows a bulb-like interior which can only be achieved with borosilicate. While the molecular structure of this material cannot absorb the ethanol in the same way as the soda-lime of our other glasses, the design features such as the Vortex Point and divergent rim spin the ethanol away from the nose to enhance the tasting and nosing experience.


Conceived to sit alongside the other glasses from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. as a sophisticated tumbler for cocktails and mixed drinks, The Boru is a cut above any other tumbler. Its double-walled construction adds interest and a refined elegance, but as with all our glassware, this aesthetic beauty sits alongside a scientific purpose. The bulb interior aids the swirling movement of the molecules created by the Vortex Point, spinning the ethanol molecules and vapours away from the nose and to the base of the liquid.


When drinking whiskey, or any spirit, 80% of the flavour comes through smell. In our obsessive pursuit of the perfect experience, our aim with our glassware has been to remove or reduce the ethanol vapours that can impede the appreciation of the flavour and aroma. This aim led to the creation of the Vortex Point.

Situated at the base of the glass, this small conical depression steers the spirit down and around the glass, creating a tornado effect in the liquid that spins the molecules away from the nose and down into the base of the drink. This simple, yet effective design ensures that the ethanol remains at the base of the drink, allowing the drinker to nose and taste the layers of flavour with less of the burn created by the ethanol vapours.


Its sleek, elegant design and light construction make The Boru ideal as a bar glass, lending itself to cocktails and mixed drinks where it adds a dash of interest and visual beauty. Sophisticated yet contemporary, it complements both the classical design of our whiskey glasses and a more modern aesthetic.

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