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The first award for The Taoscán and a third for The Brollach!

December 1, 2021

As we move into the Christmas season, the elves have delivered us an early present!

The Spirits Business Design & Packaging Masters 2021 have awarded The Brollach and The Taoscán the highest award, a Masters Award.

These prestigious awards are highly-prized and competition is always fierce. But 2021 was even more competitive than last year with 132 entries from 68 different companies. So to receive any award would have been a huge achievement, but to receive Masters Awards for both The Brollach and The Taoscán is an extraordinary recognition of our dedication to craft and design.

The Brollach

A Masters award for The Brollach is its third award from The Spirits Business Awards, following on from Masters Awards in The Global Luxury Masters and Irish Whiskey Masters. With its taste having been recognised by leading judges and whiskey aficionados, this latest award is a testament to the talent of our award-winning team of designers, led by Tiago Russo. It was also a tribute to our Founder, Jay Bradley’s late father, with every element of the design honouring him and his skill as a master craftsman and furniture maker. From the raw oak wood of the box to the metalwork that takes its cue from ancient armoury techniques, The Brollach’s design pays homage to his father, Shay. To have that design recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges is a momentous occasion.

The Taoscán

The latest release from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., The Taoscán was designed for the finest bars and restaurants, stealing the limelight on the bar. The skillfully designed stand and its accessories offer the perfect single serve, its open, 360˚ design allowing it to be viewed from every angle, inspiring envy from everyone else in the bar. As the judges have shown with this award, that envy will be deserved. The walnut stand, the elegant copper stems that lead up to a leather handle, the obsidian top; every part of the design is the pinnacle of design excellence. 

The growing fleet of rare whiskeys from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is amassing quite the trophy cabinet of prestigious awards and accolades from revered judges and experts in their field. From taste to design, our whiskeys have shaken up the Irish whiskey industry and it’s only been a year. What will the next year bring?


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