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The Brollach

N° 001
N° 661

A Tale of a Lifetime. Of Family.
Of Ireland.

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Rare. Intimate. Vibrant.

Building on a tradition of crafting record-breaking, award-winning whiskeys, The Brollach is a whiskey of a lifetime. Born from the bond between a father and his son, it is the culmination of a search for an exceptionally rare whiskey of exquisite flavour, that would honour family, Ireland and Irish whiskey.

High Quality Irish Whiskey

An Irish Heart

Tumbling down from the Cooley Mountains comes fresh spring water, filtered through limestone, basalt and granite. The finest Irish barley, golden with promise, interplays with the water in an intricate balance of sugar and alcohol, presenting an outstanding quality whiskey. Bourbon and French oak madeira casks nurtured the liquid gold over two decades, adding warmth, depth and a rich complexity.

An Irish Soul

Intricate layers of flavour interweave with one another, just as family and history weave through each of us. Apricot and butterscotch on the nose bring to mind a velvety tarte tatin, while dark cherry adds a sour tang, melting into an intimate, intense dark chocolate. A mellow finish of caramelised banana lingers long after the first sip.

An Irish Patriarchy

A whiskey of a lifetime; inspired by the bond between a father and son and carrying their vision and dreams. Uniquely for The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., The Brollach is a double distilled whiskey, symbolising their bond and bringing strength, just as the bond between father and son brings its own strength.

The culmination of a search for a whiskey that would honour family and the bonds that tie us to one another.

An Irish History

Irish whiskey’s rise, fall and rebirth is a tale of highs that reach to the dappled grey clouds cloaking the mountains, and lows that swoop down to the central plains. A tale of empire, politics, history, world conflicts and a dedication to purity and unadulterated quality.

Now on the ascendancy, it soars as if on the gentle winds that carry the crisp Atlantic airs across our emerald hills. The Brollach is a product of Irish whiskey history; born of a desire to see Irish whiskey’s reputation restored. A desire to craft a whiskey of such unparalleled quality that it would reinstate Ireland once more as the source of the world’s finest whiskeys.

A Rare Whiskey Experience

The heavy grain of the natural oak draws the eye firmly to the stainless steel clasps. As if peeling away the layers of history, another box appears. The precious liquid is held securely in the determined, solid silhouette of the glass bottle that sits on an oak plinth. Finn glasses emerge from dark suede, a steel drawer conceals the anodised silver and glass pipette; perfectly engineered to deliver an optimum droplet of water, releasing the full intricacies of The Brollach’s intense flavours.

The Story of The Brollach

The Brollach is a whiskey with a tale to tell. A tale of history, of family, and the vision of a father and son. It is a bold reimagining of Irish whiskey; rooted in and respectful of tradition, but unafraid to chart its own path. The Brollach is past, present and future in one.

The Brollach

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