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Ultra-rare luxury Irish whiskey of distinction. Exquisitely handcrafted accessories. From the rarest whiskey in existence to the world’s Best Irish Single Malt, these are whiskeys of refinement; exclusive and unsurpassed.

Luxury Irish single malts crafted with a respect for Ireland’s rich whiskey history, but elevated with 21st century science.

An innovative approach to an age-old art. From maturation to the drinking experience, this is Irish whiskey that defies the status quo.

Skilfully crafted with an eye for the finer details. No expense is spared and no corners cut in the pursuit of whiskey perfection.

The Taoscán

The first and only whiskey of its kind, The Taoscán is the world’s first Port & Chestnut finished whiskey; a unique blend of barrels brought together in perfect harmony.

Our Whiskeys

Award-winning and record-breaking; these single malts have redefined Irish whiskey for a global audience of connoisseurs.

The Devil's Keep

The Devil’s Keep

An award-winning rare whiskey. Triple distilled and matured in American, French and Hungarian Oak for an esoteric interplay of flavour and aroma.

ABV: 45.7% | Volume: 70CL
The Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle

An ultra-rare collection of just seven bottles. The oldest and rarest whiskey in existence and the world’s first Fabergé Celtic Egg. A handcrafted heirloom collectable of the highest calibre.

ABV: 48.5% | Volume: 70CL
The Brollach

The Brollach

The culmination of a search for a whiskey to honour family and Ireland. Matured in bourbon casks and finished in rare French Oak Madeira; an intricate balance of exquisite notes.

ABV: 46.44% | Volume: 70CL
The Taoscán artisan whiskey set

The Taoscán

The world’s first and only Port & Chestnut whiskey, ingeniously and innovatively crafted. Matured in American Oak Bourbon and Sherry Oloroso, then split and finished in Tawny Port and Chestnut.

ABV: 48.53% | Volume: 70CL

The Aodh

An exclusive release of just 88 bottles. Fusing ultra-rare whiskey with technological innovation, our latest release is one of near-mythical standing.

ABV: 45.9% | Volume: 70cl

Our Accessories

Honouring the exquisite flavour profiles of our carefully crafted single malts, these accessories create an unrivalled whiskey experience.

The Érimón Glass

Blending science and artistry, The Érimón Glass elevates the flavours and aromas of the whiskey to their peak as the ultimate tasting glass.


The Finn Glass

A glass for the bon viveur and connoisseur of luxury. Raise a toast and appreciate the intricate beauty of the spirit in all its refined and unadulterated complexity.

The Boru Glass

Sophisticated yet contemporary, equally at home with both a classical and a modern aesthetic. A double-wall construction offers a sleek elegance ideal for cocktails and mixed drinks.

The Obsidian Whiskey Stones

Crafted from semi-precious obsidian, sourced from the foothills of Armenian mountains to cool without dilution.


The Obsidian Gemstone Ashtray

For the cigar connoisseur, crafted from semi-precious obsidian.


The Perfect Serve Gift Box

This gift box comprises of two Finn Glasses, a Cigar Cutter, Whiskey Stones and a Pipette.


The Ultimate Tasting Experience

This gift box comprises of a Finn Glass, Cigar Cutter, Whiskey Stones, a Pipette and a Sample vial of The Donn, our upcoming, unreleased whiskey.

The Niall whiskey glass by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The Niall Glass

Crafted for the connoisseur of cognac to elevate the experience to new heights. Playing on geometry and gravity to remove the ethanol, leaving only layers of complex flavour and aroma.

The Pipette

Expertly crafted to deliver the optimum droplet of water, opening up the flavours and aromas of the whiskey.

The Tasting Log

An indispensable guide for the whiskey connoisseur.

The Carafe

An elegant vessel for water to sit alongside our whiskey. Fill with the purest water to open up the rich, rounded notes of the single malt.

The Cigar Cutter

A must for the cigar connoisseur; combining engineering and sophisticated design to deliver a precision cut for the finest cigars to accompany the finest whiskey.

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From the World’s Best Irish Single Malt to the world’s most expensive whiskey; our mission to restore Irish whiskey to its rightful place as a global leader has reminded the world of the beauty, complexity and rich depth to be found in a glass of Celtic whiskey. Our award-winning handcrafted whiskeys and their accompaniments have won accolades across taste, design and packaging, and have judges united in praise.

Awards won by the most expensive irish whiskey in the world