Whiskey Vault

Ultra-rare luxury Irish whiskey of distinction. Exquisitely handcrafted accessories. From the rarest whiskey in existence to the world’s Best Irish Single Malt, these are whiskeys of refinement; exclusive and unsurpassed.

In reinventing and elevating the process of maturation, we have reimagined handcrafted Irish whiskey as a luxury to rival the finest wines, jewellery and art. Record-breaking and award-winning, the complex, rich notes of the single malts are testament to the skill, artistry and obsession with perfection we pour into every detail. From the whiskey to the glass, a Fabergé egg to the skilled craftsmanship of the box, our whiskeys are unlike anything that has come before, or will again.

Whether savoured in the now or saved for the future, these are craft whiskeys that stand the test of time.