The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. collaborates with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

Along with drinking a glass of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. at the three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, you can now discover the incredible flavours in a world-class dish created by Chef Patron, Matt Abé.

After tasting The Taoscán, Matt knew he wanted to use one of our single malts in his next whiskey-infused dish. As he says, the “flavour, complexity and different layers” in The Donn are what led him to want to use it in a dish and they’ve proven to be the perfect complement to the Aynhoe Park Fallow Deer, pickled blackberries and beetroot.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the first venue to feature The Donn and for a limited time only, diners can experience it in this exquisitely inspired dish from one of the world’s finest chefs. Book now!