The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. collaborates with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

In this blog, Matt Abé, Chef Patron of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay discusses how The Donn has earned its place in his dishes discusses The Donn

Our whiskeys are no strangers to being in the presence of culinary greatness. They’re now featured on the menus of more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Irish single malt, and now they’ve found a fan in Matt Abé, Chef Patron of the world renowned three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. 

As he says, he’s been lucky enough to try all of our single malts, but it was The Donn that really caught his imagination and made his heart sing. The flavour, complexity and different layers that he discovered in The Donn have now brought their magic to the Aynhoe Park Deer at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. For a limited time only, diners can enjoy the beautiful roasted loin of deer, with sausage made from the shoulder and a little of The Donn, a garnish of shallot compote, earthy beetroot and pickled blackberries. A gel created from The Donn highlights the intensity in the flavours, while a whiskey and cranberry jus completes the culinary creativity.

As well as being used to great effect in the main course, Matt has brought it to one of the Petits Fours with gingerbread, baked to order, a dash of orange marmalade, and a spritz of The Donn. While many alcohols change in flavour when used in cooking, Matt notes that The Donn maintains its integrity, regardless of the processes used. 

Like most of those who’ve tasted The Donn, Matt was impressed by the nuances and flavour that have been crafted into this single malt in a relatively short space of time. But this rare single malt was afforded the same dedication to flavour and craft as its predecessors. From start to finish, it demonstrates the extraordinary flavour profiles that can be achieved with a keen appreciation for flavour and the notes that can be imparted to whiskey through skilled craft and an innovative approach. 

Despite this inaugural batch being just under seven years old, this triple distilled single malt was matured across an unprecedented four barrels, imparting a depth of flavour and rich complexity far beyond its years. It began life in Bourbon, before being moved to barrels that had once held Tawny Port – the very same barrels used in The Devil’s Keep. It was then moved to virgin Hungarian Oak that had been deep-stave toasted to caramelise the wood sugars for rich maple syrup and caramel notes, before a final finish in small 68L Pedro Ximénez casks.

The three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the first venue to feature The Donn in its dishes and diners can also order a glass of The Taoscán to finish off this inspirational and exquisitely conceived menu. It’s only available for a limited time, so book now to experience the extraordinary beauty of the dish for yourself.