The Érimón Glass


Our glassware was conceived to elevate the nosing and tasting experience to the heights demanded by the exceptional flavour profiles of our whiskeys. Eighteen months of scientific research were poured into the design, resulting in a whiskey glass that has revolutionised the tasting experience.

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For the aficionado to truly appreciate the complex layers of flavour and aroma that exist in perfect balance in a whiskey from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. it is vital to remove the ethanol. Smell is responsible for around 80% of taste and the experience of flavour, but ethanol vapours hamper this. By triggering the nerves in the nose and creating a burning sensation, they detract from the true flavours and enjoyment of the whiskey. In removing and lessening the effect of the vapours, the whiskey drinker can nose and taste the whiskey as it was intended.

A man holding a glass from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.


The process of removing the ethanol begins with the material. Numerous studies and prototypes found the amorphous molecular structure of soda-lime glass allowed it to absorb the ethanol more efficiently than crystal or borosilicate, leaving less vapour for the nose. The design of the glass itself was built around this capability, enabling the greatest absorption of the ethanol by the glass.

2 people clinking glasses of rare whiskey


The Érimón was designed to allow the drinker to taste and nose the whiskey, with every element carefully conceived to create the perfect experience for the connoisseur. Building on the material’s ability to absorb the ethanol, the shape was designed to further enable this process.

A glass of craft Irish whiskey


The design of The Érimón plays on gravity and geometry to enhance the absorption of the ethanol into the soda-lime glass. A conical shaped depression at the base of the glass creates a swirling tornado that spins the ethanol molecules down and out to the sides of the glass where they’re absorbed into the walls. It may be a small design element, but this ‘Vortex Point’ is indicative of the time, thought and careful consideration we pour into every element of our whiskeys and the experience.

The ÉRIMÓN glass, designed by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.


While a straight-sided glass would allow the ethanol vapours to travel unhindered to the nose, the bulb shape of The Érimón aids the swirling tornado created by the Vortex Point, spinning the molecules to the sides where the space is greater in a bulb-shaped glass. The Vortex Point encourages the ethanol down to the base of the glass where the amorphous structure is more active, while soda-lime glass allows a thicker base with greater potential for absorption. This thicker base also provides a more enjoyable ergonomic experience for the drinker, allowing them to nose and taste the whiskey with control while preventing too much heat passing from hand to liquid.

A glass of luxury whiskey on a table


As the aroma and ethanol vapours continue their journey up the glass, the bulb arches in and out in a chicane-like curve. Inspired by the chicane in motorsports that forces the cars to slow, this arch in the glass slows the movement of the ethanol. In doing so it allows the glass time to absorb more of the molecules as they make their way towards the nose.

Any ethanol vapours that remain are forced over the edge of the glass by a divergent rim. All that is left are the pure whiskey notes, the deep, dark flavours of maple syrup, caramel and vanilla imparted by the phenol compounds such as guaiacol and eugenol.

A bottle of The Devil's keep Irish whiskey and 2 glasses


Removing the ethanol vapours and subsequent burn from the whiskey transforms the experience. The whiskey connoisseur can appreciate the aroma and flavour as they were intended. From the initial inhalation to the final sip, the flavours are richly complex, with layers of rich, deep, rounded notes that would otherwise have been hindered by the overpowering ethanol. The Érimón is the perfect whiskey tasting glass for the aficionado.