The Obsidian Whiskey Stones

Obsidian whiskey stones for rare whiskey


While many prefer to enjoy their whiskey cold, adding ice can have a detrimental effect on the flavour and experience of the whiskey, diluting the rich, deep notes. To combat this, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has created the ultimate whiskey stone.

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3 obsidian whiskey stones by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.


Endless research and thorough scientific studies determined pure Obsidian to be the finest material that would cool without altering the whiskey. Unlike granite or other porous stones, Obsidian doesn’t change the properties of the whiskey or take on any of the scent or flavour from its time in the freezer.

As with every product from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., we then went further, travelling the world to find the purest form of Obsidian in existence. Sourced from the foothills of a mountain range in Armenia, our Obsidian whiskey stones are the result of over a year and a half of research and an obsessive pursuit of perfection.

A person measuring an obsidian whiskey stone


By highly polishing the stones this ability to chill without transmitting or absorbing flavours is enhanced. Obsidian has the added benefit of remaining cold for longer than other materials, chilling the drink for longer without any dilution.

Our Obsidian whiskey stones are accompanied by a suede drawstring pouch. The suede is coated, allowing you to chill them in the freezer without the pouch becoming affected by the cold and damp. From the freezer to your glass, the semi-precious Obsidian whiskey stones cool without dilution, chilling the whiskey to an optimum temperature while preserving the vibrancy of the flavour profile.