Irish Whiskey Guide

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A woman holding a glass of rare Irish whiskey

How to drink whiskey

There’s an age-old debate that rages on in the world of whiskey: how should a great dram best be enjoyed? Do you savor it neat? On ice? With a drop of water? In a cocktail? Warm? Cold? The answer is, “yes.” The best way to enjoy your drink is always, “however you damn well please.” […]

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A man holding a luxury whiskey glass

The flavour of whiskey

Oak, vanilla, marzipan, honey, leather, incense, tobacco, tar. What could all of these things possibly have in common? Well, each and every one is a common tasting note used to identify flavours found in whiskey. And we haven’t even started talking about herbs or fruits, yet. But before we do, let’s be clear about what […]

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