From the Creator of the World’s most expensive whiskey comes The Taoscán

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

Our latest rare release, The Taoscán, has caught the attention of Epicurean Life. As guests at our recent exclusive tasting event at The Ned Members’ Club, Epicurean Life were amongst the first to taste The Taoscán as it launched for sale behind the bar of gastronomic champions such as The Ned, Frog by Adam Handling, The Hand & Flowers, and soon to be available exclusively for retail at Selfridges. 

They caught up with Jay Bradley to discover what made The Taoscán just so special, to which his answer was that the company has created “what we believe is the perfect whiskey and probably one of the most complex whiskies I’ve ever had. It is as close to perfection as any whiskey in any age range that you can get…. the taste notes appeal to everybody and possess all the characteristics of a world class whiskey – an interesting effervescent spice on the tongue which gets rounded out very quickly with this ultra-creamy, ultra-smooth, viscosity that engulfs your whole mouth, it’s exquisite.”  

As the world’s first and only single malt whiskey to be finished in Tawny Port and virgin French Chestnut Casks, this ground-breaking whiskey showcases the company’s innovative practices and willingness to push boundaries with experimentation. Collector’s Editions of The Taoscán are now available to buy online.

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