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When to use smaller barrels

When it comes to ingredients, whiskey is a fairly simple and straightforward liquid. You can’t use anything other than grain, water, and yeast to produce it. But as soon as it hits the barrel—where it will develop the majority of its flavour— things start to get complicated. There are so many variables at play at […]

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Why we don’t believe in age statements

We hear it said all the time: age is just a number. But the phrase is never more apt than when we’re talking about whiskey. Even though “age statements” are all the rage among a certain set of whiskey collectors, the real connoisseurs understand that great whiskey—be it Irish whiskey or Scotch single malt—is built […]

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A landscape from Ireland, the country with the best Irish whiskey

Irish Whiskey: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth

As we celebrate Irish Whiskey Day, we’ve been reflecting on its long history. Many will associate Irish whiskey with the blends on supermarket shelves, their numbers dwarfed by row-upon-row of Scotch and Bourbon. But travel back hundreds of years and Irish whiskey was dominant across the world. From the furthest reaches of the British Empire […]

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Whiskey Flavours

We’ve talked at length about where whiskey gets its flavour from. Now let’s take a closer look at what those basic flavours are. Matured spirits are most commonly broken down into one of four fundamental groups: fruity, smoky, sweet, and spicy. It’s not always that easy, of course. Many overlap between several—if not all—of these […]

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How does whiskey get its flavour?

Butterscotch, sultanas, vanilla, Christmas Cake, dates, walnuts… The wondrous tasting notes of whiskey include some of our favourite flavours on the planet. Indeed, it’s why we love the liquid so darn much. But where are all of these delicious elements coming from? We’re glad you asked. Because we’ve got an expert answer. Let’s start off […]

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A woman holding a glass of expensive Irish whiskey

Irish Whiskey Cocktail Making: The Perfect Valentines Evening

Romance is in the air  With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our thoughts are turning to drink. Whether that’s to drown our sorrows, or to celebrate with a loved one, this year we’re putting a twist on our Valentine’s Day drinks and looking to Irish whiskey cocktails. While we’d always suggest drinking a whiskey from The […]

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