The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Gift Guide to Shop at The Craft Irish Whiskey Store in Selfridges

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

For a gift with a difference this Christmas, look no further than our range of single malts, accessories and limited edition gift boxes, available exclusively from The Craft Irish Whiskey Store in Selfridges, London.

The Perfect Whiskey Experience

For the whiskey connoisseur, there can be no better gift this Christmas than the perfect whiskey experience. Raising their enjoyment of the drink they love is a truly special gift, and we’ve got everything you need to do just that.

‘The perfect whiskey experience’ was created to accompany our expertly crafted whiskeys and has been recognised with 32 top award wins from the most prestigious award bodies across the world. These include a perfect score for The Emerald Isle, the first Gold ever awarded to a whiskey for The Devil’s Keep at the A’Design Awards, and two Silver Medals at the industry-leading Harper’s Awards

Three years of scientific research was dedicated to the accessories alone, from the perfect water source to the obsidian whiskey stones. Read on to discover how you can give the gift of the perfect whiskey experience this Christmas.

The Glassware

These scientifically designed accessories, from the glasses to the obsidian whiskey stones, are unlike any other. A year and a half of research, design, testing and trialling were poured into the glassware alone by the man behind each of our award-winning designs, Tiago Russo. The result is a glass that not only looks beautiful, it also elevates the tasting experience to new heights. Blending science and design, the glass removes the ethanol vapours that would otherwise burn the nose, allowing the drinker to appreciate every single note built up over the years.

The Pipettes

Just as wine benefits from being aerated before drinking to open up all the flavours, whiskey’s flavour can be opened by adding water. Some of the compounds in whiskey are trapped by spherical micelles and adding water can break them open, freeing the full spectrum of flavour. But, up until now, no one has determined exactly how much water is required. Our research has allowed us to discover the exact amount required to open up every layer of flavour without dilution. The elegant pipettes deliver this accurately, with precise etchings for either a 25ml or 50ml measure of whiskey.

Obsidian Whiskey Stones

While many prefer to enjoy their whiskey chilled, adding ice can dilute the whiskey and adulterate the flavour. Our research and thorough scientific studies determined pure obsidian to be the finest material for the whiskey stones. Unlike granite or other porous stones, obsidian doesn’t change the properties of the whiskey or take on any of the scent or flavour from its time in the freezer. The flavours of the whiskey remain as the whiskey master intended. 

As with every product from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., we then went further, travelling the world to find the purest form of obsidian in existence. Sourced from the foothills of a mountain range in Armenia, our obsidian whiskey stones are the stylish and scientifically perfected way to enjoy your whiskey chilled.

The Perfect Serve Gift Box

Whiskey is best served with friends and family and this gift box delivers the perfect whiskey experience to share with a fellow fan. Combining The Finn Glasses, a Cigar Cutter, Whiskey Stones and a Pipette, this limited edition gift box presents the perfect whiskey experience in one covetable gift.

The Ultimate Tasting Experience

This elegantly presented, limited edition gift box includes a Finn Glass, Cigar Cutter, Whiskey Stones, a Pipette and a sample of our yet-to-be-released single malt, The Donn. Taking the whiskey fan’s post-Christmas dinner drink from enjoyable to extraordinary, this gift has everything they need to elevate their enjoyment and appreciation of their whiskey of choice.

Stocking Fillers for Whiskey Lovers

Little bits of luxury, ideal for the whiskey fan and hard-to-buy-for. These gifts are small enough to pop in a stocking or under the tree, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in groundbreaking design, skilled craftsmanship and luxurious materials.

Cigar Cutter

Cigars and whiskey make ideal companions, especially when each is designed and crafted to be at the top of its class. Our sleek cigar cutter brings the design flair and attention to detail of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. to the world of cigars. The design allows for a precision cut of the cigar, enhancing the experience just as our whiskey accessories enhance the experience of the spirit. Engraved with The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. logo on the blade itself, and the name on the handle, they make the perfect gift for the connoisseur of luxury.

The Obsidian Gemstone Ashtray

A luxurious and generous gift, the ashtray shares the same thought, consideration and attention to detail as our whiskeys and accessories. Cigars and whiskey are often found together in the hands of aficionados and this ashtray was designed by Tiago Russo to offer a tactile link between the two. The first interaction with the bottle is the obsidian closure, and the smooth obsidian of the ashtray mirrors that, offering a beautiful, natural experience. Carved from one solid block of pure obsidian, the geometric angles create a strong, imposing presence with silver detailing adding a further element of elegance and refinement. 

Gifts for the Cask Connoisseur

A special gift for a special person; our ultra-rare Irish single malts are what whiskey dreams are made of.

The Devil’s Keep

As the world’s Best Irish Single Malt of 2022, there can be few gifts more coveted by whiskey connoisseurs this Christmas than The Devil’s Keep. Our inaugural release is an award-winning example of the flavours and mouthfeel that can be crafted into whiskey with due care, attention, and an unrivalled knowledge of wood and casks. 

From the brass Japanese clasps to the 24k gold pipette, every element is a sensory pleasure. Taste, sound, sight, smell and touch are led into temptation, creating an immersive experience that lifts the ultra-rare single malt beyond the realms of the everyday.

The Brollach

He’s often the hardest to buy for, but one of the most deserving. At its heart, The Brollach is about the bond between a father and son, so if you’re looking for a gift for the father figure in your life, look no further. 

The Brollach is the result of a search for a whiskey that would honour the man who inspired The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. – founder Jay Bradley’s father, Shay. Jay set out to create a single malt that his father would have enjoyed, using smaller Madeira barrels to intensify the flavours of ripe banana bread, caramel and maple syrup he loved. He took a 19 year old whiskey that had matured in an ex-Bourbon cask and finished it in 125L and 68L Madeira casks to draw out the rich banana bread notes from the smaller barrel, balanced with the lighter, crisper notes of fruit from the 125L. 

Every element of The Brollach nods to the bond between a father and son; it’s a whiskey of two; double distilled, double casked, two decades old.

The Taoscán

There can be few single malts whose flavours are more reminiscent of Christmas than The Taoscán. From the notes of warm banana bread studded with candied walnut on the nose, to the enveloping luxuriance of vanilla, toasted nuts and roasted chestnuts with a hint of spice, The Taoscán’s flavour profile calls to mind the warm embrace of home during the festive season.

In its design, The Taoscán offers everything the lucky recipient needs for the perfect single serve – a Finn glass, copper and glass pipette, metal coaster, obsidian whiskey stones and a carafe. From the walnut wood stand to the elegant copper handles, the Collector’s Edition of The Taoscán is a must for the whiskey connoisseur.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Store

If this gift guide has provided inspiration for your Christmas shopping, you’ll find it all at The Craft Irish Whiskey Store, located in The Wonder Room in Selfridges, London. Through December and January, you’ll be able to pop into the store, chat with the Craft Specialists, admire the beauty of The Emerald Isle and pick up the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Store, located in Selfridges, London