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Imagine the Whiskey Guide as your personal whiskey companion, offering essential tips and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into the groundbreaking craft that defines our commitment. It serves as your go-to resource for everything related to cask, barrel, and bond – a comprehensive journey into the heart and soul of whiskey culture. So, join us on this exploration, where every update unfolds new layers of expertise and adds depth to your understanding of the nuanced world of whiskey. Cheers to a continual journey of discovery and appreciation!

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – The Pinnacle of Hospitality

Every year the organisation of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants convenes to reveal its annual ranking of the top eateries from across the globe. This year, that celebration took place along the Las Vegas Strip, and as one of the leading sponsors of the event, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. enjoyed a front row seat […]

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Celebrate World Cocktail Day at Restaurant 1890 by Gordon Ramsay, The Savoy

In celebration of World Cocktail Day on Monday 13th May, we partnered with Michelin-star Restaurant 1890 in iconic London venue The Savoy, to present to you The Emerald Noir cocktail, featuring our Single Malt, The Donn. A mysterious and elegant creation by Head Bartender Janis Muzikants, this cocktail is a masterful blend of cream sherry, cherry […]

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The Donn: Age is Just a Number

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is responsible for some of the most exclusive whiskeys on earth. Indeed, we recently set the world record for the most expensive whiskey ever sold: The Emerald Isle—an unparalleled collector’s piece that can never be replicated. But we know as well as anyone that whiskey must do much more than […]

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The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Dominates the John Barleycorn Awards

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Dominates the John Barleycorn Awards Our ultra-premium Irish Single Malts The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition and The Donn steal the show and sweep the board to win top honours at one of the industry’s most revered awards ceremonies. As the ultra-premium whiskey domain scales new heights, The Craft Irish Whiskey […]

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Shaun Rankin and a bottle of the Donn luxury Irish whiskey

Discover Shaun Rankin’s Game Season dish infused with The Donn

Set in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales, AA’s 2022/2023 Hotel of The Year Grantley Hall boasts luxury accommodations, stunning spa and wellness facilities, as well as a multitude of dining options, including Michelin-star Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall. Chef Patron Shaun Rankin creates culinary masterpieces with seasonal menus, including locally sourced and foraged ingredients, to maintain […]

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The Emerald Isle Becomes the Most Expensive Bottle of Whiskey Ever Sold

After tasting a half-filled 40-litre Pedro Ximénez finishing cask in 2020 that had hyper-evaporated to less than half, our founder Jay Bradley knew that this liquid was the best whiskey he had ever tasted. With thousands of whiskeys tasted and scored throughout his career, this was head and shoulders above them all. From running and […]

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Experience The Donn Dish Infusion at Home, Penarth this Game Season

On the 12th of December, we enjoyed a fantastic evening of Michelin-star dining, with a menu curated by Chef James Sommerin, including The Donn Dish Infusion. After just one taste of The Donn, James knew that the well-rounded depth of our whiskey would pair perfectly with the venison of the Game Season. Found in the […]

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Michelin-star chef Ricki Weston and the Donn Irish whiskey

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. collaborates with Whatley Manor this Game Season!

We kicked off the 2023 Game Season with a fantastic evening at Whatley Manor, a quintessentially British manor house nestled away in the Cotswolds, renowned for its Green Michelin-starred food, luxurious guest accommodation, and conscious sustainable practices. Hosted in the private Green Room, an intimate group of 16 guests were seated to enjoy an unforgettable […]

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