The Aodh

A bottle of rare Irish whiskey The Aodh
N° 01
N° 88

Ultra-rare whiskey & innovative technology

A whiskey of near-mythical rarity; a bottle of futuristic brilliance. A dance of cask, time and skill to craft a whiskey of daring character, presented in a bottle that draws on technological innovation to elevate and astound.

Captivating. Hedonistic. Seductive.

With only 88 bottles ever released, The Aodh, pronounced ‘The A’, is a never-to-be-repeated Irish whiskey of exceptional rarity. Drawn from two small, custom-built Sherry Oloroso barrels, one of 50l and another of just 40l, The Aodh’s rich, almost spellbinding depth, is the result of an unparalleled two years spent in these small finishing barrels.


Innovative from every angle

The Aodh’s sinuous form takes inspiration from the legendary god of the underworld and eldest son of Lír, who also holds a place in Irish mythology as a captivating, hedonistic seducer. Just as Aodh was imprisoned in the body of a swan, so The Aodh is trapped in the exo-skeleton that winds its way around the bottle in swan-like elegance.

A layered, circular winged chassis locks the bottle in place, the royal purple and gold detailing offering a hint of the rare and regal liquid within. A subtle touch sensor on the base causes the arms to unfold in a fluid, graceful movement, freeing the bottle only to the favoured few.

Once released, the unique whiskey bottle design means it must be held in its case or passed between users, fostering an intimate exchange. Gold detailing, inset gemstones and frost cuts on the neck and base tell of exclusivity and desirability, drawing the eye and envy from all around.

Bespoke jewellery from MJ Jones

Transforming The Aodh from elite whiskey to future heirloom, the bottle conceals a secret compartment in its obsidian closure. In a groundbreaking partnership with a famed, trailblazing jewellery house, each bottle of The Aodh will feature a bespoke ring, numbered 1-88 to link with the bottle’s individual mark. This closure can be opened without disturbing the seal, allowing The Aodh to become an occasion in itself and making it a true one-of-a-kind.

That piece of jewellery history will be created by MJ Jones. This ultra-desirable jewellery brand creates cutting edge, progressive jewellery by uniting innovative technology and traditional techniques. Just as The Aodh fuses technology with exquisite craft, so MJ Jones fuses technical form with precious stones to create unique pieces that showcase personality and innovation.

A luxury heirloom

The unique ring is crowned with the iconic logo of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., made in 18 carat gold to secure the hermetically-sealed whiskey capsule within. These elements are housed by a dual band crafted in silver and finished in the signature MJ Jones black armour, with the unique edition number engraved onto the side profile. The ring is completed with a halo of vibrant amethyst stones and a single natural diamond set within the logo of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

Just like The Adoh, each ring is cloaked in significance and meaning, representing belonging, legacy and purpose. A luxury statement for now, an heirloom for the future.

The Craft Circle

Membership of The Craft Circle also brings rare access to once-in-a-lifetime events that have so far included a three day yacht party, circuit-side, for the Monaco Grand Prix. Four weeks later, guests were invited to a two-day golf tournament with world renowned Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs at the most spectacular golf course on earth, the Old Head Golf Links. These events have already gained legendary status amongst insiders and having membership to The Craft Circle gets you access, amongst a host of other privileges.

Award-winning design

The Aodh has already made its mark on the world of design; in 2022 it was awarded a rare Limited Edition Award from the A’Design Awards. The Oscars of the design world, these prestigious awards are highly sought-after but only 35 Limited Edition awards have ever been given, making The Aodh one of the top three designs in 2022.

As well as being judged against thousands of other entries, the A’Design Awards then judge an entry against a company’s previous products, looking for an elevation of design. To have won such a coveted award, alongside The Devil’s Keep, The Taoscan, and The Emerald Isle, demonstrates an exceptional level of design excellence and innovation.

A Magical Synergy

The Aodh’s two small barrels – no.1480 and 1481 – sat side-by-side in perfect conditions that created a magical synergy to produce a single malt whiskey of legendary flavour; rich, deep, dark, delicious. For a whiskey to spend so long in its finishing barrels is almost unheard of, but dedicating that time and expense has brought the world a luxury whiskey that defies convention. A whiskey rooted in mythology, of almost mythical perfection.

A Taste of Seduction

The Nose: A rich mahogany in colour, The Aodh captivates with a tantalising aroma of honeycomb and salted caramel ice cream on the nose, balanced with a hint of new cowhide, candied apple and orange peel.

The Palate: A silken touch from the first sip, with no ethanol burn to detract from the rich layers of flavour. An explosion of Vermont maple syrup on the front palate flows into the mid-palate where notes of leather and Belgian chocolate melt into a complex burst of dried fruit and warm spice on the back palate and a long, deep finish.

Mouthfeel: A seductive silkiness, reminiscent of a fortified wine, develops into a decadent creaminess on the back palate and delivers a perfect warmth to the chest.


With only 88 bottles of this ultra-rare whiskey in existence, The Aodh is too precious to be entered into tasting awards. Yet, having scored a 9.4 on Jay Bradley’s scoring system it is already the highest scoring whiskey tasted, aside from The Emerald Isle. This places it above The Devil’s Keep, which was judged to be the world’s best tasting single malt when it won World’s Best Irish Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards 2022.

But while the taste may remain reserved for just a small minority, the design of The Aodh is one that can be admired by all and the judges have already taken notice. In 2022, it was entered for, and won, its first major award, The A’Design Awards. Taking a Limited Edition Award placed it amongst just 35 designs in the award’s entire history and secured its place in the record books.

An undeniable triumph of design perfection and rare, expertly crafted whiskey, The Aodh is a never-to-be-repeated single malt of trailblazing character. From the innovative touch sensor lock to the elegant claws that unfurl to release their prize, this is an exclusive whiskey unlike any other spirit in existence. That innovative, rare distinction continues to the liquid; an ultra-rare single malt that embodies the skilled craftsmanship and groundbreaking methods of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.


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