The Donn: Age is Just a Number

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is responsible for some of the most exclusive whiskeys on earth. Indeed, we recently set the world record for the most expensive whiskey ever sold: The Emerald Isle—an unparalleled collector’s piece that can never be replicated. But we know as well anyone that whiskey must do much more than sit pretty on a shelf. Its primary purpose is to be enjoyed; cherished amongst friends and family. 

The Donn is a compelling point in case. It’s our most accessible bottling to date, packaged and priced to be enjoyed as our version of an everyday dram. It encompasses a meticulously married array of Irish Single Malt, with a deep sherry influence, served at an exacting 46.1% ABV. Rich and creamy textures define its mahogany-hued body, nosing with figs and prune, nestling across the palate with candied orange peel and cinnamon spice. 

A relative newcomer to our portfolio, the 2023 release has already been recognised as the “World’s Best Irish Whiskey” winning the Master Medal at the 2023 Drinks Business and Spirits Business Autumn Blind Tasting. The esteemed palates of the International Wine and Spirits Competition were equally mesmerised by the sublime liquid, noting its “incredible complexity that balances through to the finish.”

Yes, The Donn has a way of winning over the adoration of just about anyone who sips it; a superior example of how careful cask curation can develop fine flavours, even amongst whiskeys which are perceived as “younger.” The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s Founder and master blender Jay Bradley, is a firm proponent of the fact that age is merely a number—not a guarantor of quality. Just as you might find 50 and 60 year old scotches that fall flat and muted in the mouth, so, too can you nurture a seven-year-old spirit to a sensational end. 

For this release, Bradley began with the highest quality Irish Single Malt on the market, entering it into ex-bourbon barrels for four patient years of primary maturation. The liquid was subsequently re-racked into Tawny Port Pipes, then transferred back into heavily toasted ex-bourbon casks, before a final submersion amongst a series of PX barrels, ranging from 64 to 225 litres in size. If that sounds like a labour-intensive odyssey, that’s because it was. Yet each and every turn was necessary to arrive at the adventurous pour you uncork today.

The cork in question is actually worthy of praise in its own right. It sits under a hefty obsidian enclosure, topping a sleek bottle with sharp, bevelled edges. As with any release from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., The Donn uses Irish mythology to shape its unique bottle, merging design, taste and storytelling to create disruptive whiskey differentiation. The Donn’s elegant decanter has been created by our award-winning team of designers, led by world renowned artist Tiago Russo. You’ll never receive anything less from us.

And with The Donn, you couldn’t wish for anything more.