The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Dominates the John Barleycorn Awards

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Dominates the John Barleycorn Awards

Irish Single Malt Whiskey Awards

Our ultra-premium Irish Single Malts The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition and The Donn steal the show and sweep the board to win top honours at one of the industry’s most revered awards ceremonies.

As the ultra-premium whiskey domain scales new heights, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. continues to shape the future, with our exceptional creations, The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition and The Donn garnering top honours at the prestigious John Barleycorn Awards

This accomplishment is more than a victory for our company. It’s an achievement that symbolises a significant turning point – a monumental leap – in the history of whiskey. For the ultra-premium sector, it’s a defining, transformative moment that underscores the exceptional mastery, passion and attention-to-detail that The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. pours into every bottle.

The Power of Recognition

The John Barleycorn Awards, founded by a consortium of the world’s most influential drinks industry journalists, has solidified its status as the gold standard for excellence in the spirits world. It’s the drinks sector’s yardstick for quality – examining, appraising, deliberating, and scoring spirits from every corner of the globe.

The Awards therefore wield considerable influence and have an authoritative voice. Judged by a distinguished panel of the finest spirits journalists, acclaimed authors, and renowned figures from academia, their recognition and praise represent more than ceremonial accolades. They serve as clear and undeniable proof of the high calibre and distinctive nature of the spirits they champion.

A Masterpiece in a Bottle

A perfect case in point is The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition. Building on the triumphs and elevating the legacy of its forerunner, The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition has pioneered and ushered in a new era in whiskey making, redefining excellence, raising the bar, and transforming the ultra-premium whiskey sector with its standards. 

Exclusively available as a rare release of only 333 bottles, this double-distilled single malt achieves exceptional depth by undergoing a rare five-cask ‘quadruple oak’ ageing process – involving American Oak, Tawny Port, Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrels, and Hungarian Virgin Oak. 

This rigorous, precision-driven method has produced a masterpiece, an indulgence and a delight to the senses. It’s an iconic must-have for collectors and the crown jewel of any collection. 

It’s this combination of sophisticated flavour profile and impeccable craftsmanship that’s rightfully led to The Devil’s Keep being anointed the World’s Best Irish Single Malt.

A Victory for Innovation

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition, The Donn has also risen to prominence in its own right, making a significant impact and earning its own place of honour at the John Barleycorn Awards. 

With its double gold win, The Donn has shattered perceptions, rewriting the rulebook and showcasing its groundbreaking quality. A masterful, flawless fusion of chocolate, dark fruit, and orange notes, The Donn disrupts conventional wisdom and presents a compelling counterargument to the notion that older is always superior in ultra-premium whiskey. The Donn demonstrates that exceptional results can be reached in a shorter time frame – validating the idea that speed and quality can coexist.

Embracing the Future

The success of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. at the John Barleycorn Awards highlights the renaissance and global appeal of Irish whiskey. It underscores our pioneering methods in crafting whiskey, fusing historic practices with the precision of modern science. These accomplishments attest to our pursuit of perfection and our devotion to exceeding the limits of taste and quality.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the judges for acknowledging our dedication in crafting the world’s foremost ultra-premium whiskeys. We are immensely grateful to our clients, whose unwavering faith inspires us to pioneer new frontiers and surpass the traditional ideals of ultra-premium single malt whiskey. 

We’re thrilled to be the driving force in the re-emergence of Irish whiskey’s global prominence – the future of ultra-premium whiskey is a responsibility we embrace with great pride.