The Emerald Isle Becomes the Most Expensive Bottle of Whiskey Ever Sold

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

After tasting a half-filled 40-litre Pedro Ximénez finishing cask in 2020 that had hyper-evaporated to less than half, our founder Jay Bradley knew that this liquid was the best whiskey he had ever tasted.

With thousands of whiskeys tasted and scored throughout his career, this was head and shoulders above them all. From running and owning whiskey bars to becoming a YouTuber tasting and scoring whiskey, to eventually owning his own ultra-premium whiskey brand, Jay knows whiskey and has tasted the vast majority of what’s out there. This liquid was by far the best.

It was at this moment that Jay knew that if ANY whiskey deserved to hold the world record for ‘The Most Expensive Bottle of Whiskey on Earth’, it should be this. 

It was at this moment that Jay knew that if ANY whiskey deserved to hold the world record for ‘The most expensive on earth’, it should be this. 

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. can now proudly claim this title, with the sale of one of the seven ultra-exclusive bottles of The Emerald Isle to American collector Mike Daley, for a record-breaking $2.8 million, making it not only the rarest triple-distilled Single Malt in existence, but also the most expensive bottle of whiskey, or whisky, ever sold.

Because this 40 litre cask had less than 20 litres left, Jay could do something that other expensive and rare whiskeys on the market could not, which is to give the owner a second bottle. 

This would allow a collector of The Emerald Isle to drink and enjoy their whiskey with friends and family, meaning they could have their cake and eat it, while the original whiskey remains unopened, maintaining its value. Given this single barrel contained less than 20 litres, it made this the rarest, triple-distilled Single Malt on earth, as well the best tasting according to Jay’s scoring system. A whiskey this special called for a one-of-a-kind collaboration with the world’s most iconic jewellery companies: Fabergé.

Inspired by the Seven Wonders of Ireland

The Emerald Isle Collection was designed to marry Fabergé’s rich heritage with Irish tradition and mythology, to create an ultra-rare whiskey in highly collectable and unique special-edition, legacy bottles.

The partnership also sees the creation of the first ever Celtic Fabergé Egg – one never to be repeated. For the first time in the history of the House Of Fabergé, an uncut gemstone is placed inside the egg, making this collection truly historic.

“Irish is the future of whiskey. I’m excited to be part of it, as a collector, but most importantly as a drinker” – Mike Daley

Mike Daley is one of the world’s most prolific collectors of the spirit, with a vast collection consisting of several thousand bottles of Irish, American, Japanese and Scotch whiskeys/whiskies. His latest record-breaking purchase is one of only seven sets in existence; a liquid which three decades of maturation in a variety of casks, have imbued with an unrivalled intensity of flavour.

Daley also said: “The rebirth of Irish whiskey is relatively new, so I feel like I’m getting in on the ground floor. Luxury scotch, to me, is already a crowded type of market. But we’re only just starting to see luxury Irish make a name for itself. I guarantee you that in the years to come, it will get to where scotch is today.”

The entire team at The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. are immensely proud of the achievement. Our only regret is that the world will only ever get to see seven decanters worth of this whiskey before it’s gone for good!

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