Cask Whiskey: The Age-Old Commodity of Whiskey | The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

Jay Bradley, entrepreneur, whiskey expert and founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club and The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., explains in depth why the age-old commodity of whiskey is becoming the newest worthy investment. Although the coronavirus pandemic has damaged many investment markets, the opposite has been true when looking at whiskey.

Both companies thrived under the difficult circumstances created by the pandemic, with a new breed of diverse investor emerging; a diverse and risk-aware group according to the Whiskey & Wealth Club’s annual Cask Whiskey Buyer Report, whose love for whiskey is shared by Jay himself. Irish whiskey is a market that is growing at a spectacular rate, up 300% in the past decade, according to the detailed report. The report also produced a plethora of other interesting findings, worth the read of any investor considering alternative options such as that of whiskey.