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Why Established Leaders Should Tap Into Their Entrepreneurial Passion

July 28, 2021

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. founder, Jay Bradley, has written for Forbes of how passion, belief and confidence drives entrepreneurs like himself to succeed, and how that same determination can be applied when thinking of the pandemic. 

He notes that the entrepreneurial journey is one without end – it’s a constant rollercoaster of meeting the evolving needs of customers, attuning to the business environment and watching the playing field for competitors. The entrepreneurial spirit that drives the start-up founder through sleepless nights and long working days is the same one that ‘teaches us that the difference between catastrophic emergency and transformational opportunity can sometimes be a matter of perspective’. Entrepreneurs are not driven solely by money – as he notes, ‘there are easier ways to earn a crust’ – but by the entrepreneurial rush itself. The sense that you’re creating a new reality and battling against the odds to do so. 

Jay writes of what drives him to create ultra-luxurious whiskeys that have raised the profile of Irish whiskey. Of how the unwavering belief in a product is what keeps an entrepreneur such as himself at the top of a continual wave. And how a startup can never stop regarding itself as such, or they risk falling into the trap of complacency. By treating every challenge, every innovation, every interaction as new, you enter a cycle of discovery and growth that drives success.

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