The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. x Michelin Guide | The Michelin Great Britain and Ireland Reveal 2021

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

Partnership: The Michelin Great Britain and Ireland Reveal 2021

It was such an honour for The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. to be the official partner of the Michelin Star Reveal Great Britain & Ireland 2021. The event was hosted by TV Presenter Davina McCall and Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director at Michelin and we watched with absolute delight as the Michelin Stars were unveiled throughout the evening.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has a single mission: to create the finest whiskeys Ireland has ever made and to redefine global perceptions of luxury, while building a legacy. This is the predominant reason we have partnered with the Michelin Revelation.  

“I can both celebrate and empathise with the tenacity, resilience, excellence and creativity of those who have fought long and hard to win such a prestigious award. An award that will change their lives forever, which was highlighted in many of the emotional responses to being awarded stars this evening.” Jay Bradley

We deliver whiskey that is ultra-rare and uniquely luxurious. A triple distilled and triple oaked esoteric interplay of elements, senses and exclusivity; a multisensory experience, akin to these world class restaurants.
The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. are on the pursuit of passion and perfection, building an empire with a global mind-set and Irish heart, which is why we understand that being a sommelier is more than just knowing about wine. It’s about psychology and understanding the consumer and his or her expectations, embracing all forms of spirit – including whiskey. The sommelier stands between the chef and the client and must have exceptional knowledge and be technically adept, too. It’s an enormous challenge and journey, one I am privileged to know all too well.

….. Smell. Taste. Feel. Pushing boundaries. It’s impossible to know how much work goes into the specific details. Sourcing. Developing. Crafting. The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. whiskey is the success of hard work and there is a sense of personal pride from each and every person involved. Over the past year, restaurants have been through challenges I previously couldn’t even have imagined – and I want to applaud waiters, front of house, sommeliers, chefs and owners for the passion, ingenuity and entrepreneurship they have shown during this difficult period.

And finally, a huge congratulations to all the chef’s and restaurants who have received a new star.  Especially Hélène Darroze at the Connaught and Core by Clare Smyth who are now the proud owners of three stars.