The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. collaborates with Whatley Manor this Game Season!

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

We kicked off the 2023 Game Season with a fantastic evening at Whatley Manor, a quintessentially British manor house nestled away in the Cotswolds, renowned for its Green Michelin-starred food, luxurious guest accommodation, and conscious sustainable practices.

Hosted in the private Green Room, an intimate group of 16 guests were seated to enjoy an unforgettable evening of food and whiskey, with a menu created by Michelin-star chef Ricki Weston. Creating a culinary experience like no other, Ricki’s menu incorporated the finest locally sourced ingredients into dishes that come straight from the heart.

The menu featured both our award-winning whiskeys The Taoscán paired with dessert, and The Donn, recent winner of the Master Medal at The Drinks Business and The Spirits Business Autumn Blind Tasting Awards, as both a dish infusion and pairing. 

After tasting The Donn, Ricki noted that when you open your mind and palate to the deeper flavours of whiskey, you understand how it can be used as an ingredient. Not only this, you conceptualise how whiskey pairings become not just an addition to a dish, but an extension. Ricki likened the way he manipulates flavours in his food to the way we craft our whiskey, which is why they work so perfectly together. 

The Donn x Wagyu dish features the highest quality Wagyu beef, complemented with flavours of pickled cucumber, burnt leek puree and fermented lettuce relish, topped with a consommé built with our award-winning single malt whiskey The Donn. As a further extension of the dish, a rich beef tea also infused with The Donn is paired to perfectly complement without overpowering other elements.

Following the incredible dinner, guests experienced a whiskey masterclass, during which there was the opportunity to taste one of our upcoming ultra-rare releases, making them some of the first in the world to try it.

We are pleased to announce that this dish will be available to enjoy at The Dining Room at Whatley Manor until the end of the Game Season! If you would like to try The Donn x Wagyu dish created by Michelin-star chef Ricki Weston, click here to book your table!

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