Unveiling The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition – Irish Whiskey’s Crown Jewel

The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition is the ultimate whiskey experience, an ultra-rare masterpiece limited to only 333 bottles. Revolutionise your whiskey collection.

Artisan whiskey The Devil's Keep, erimón glasses and the whiskey carafe

Rise To The Occasion With The Érimón

The world’s greatest whiskey demands the world’s finest glassware. Discover The Érimón – the multi-award-winning glass to elevate your whiskey experience.

Multi award-winning whiskey glass: The Érimón

The Taoscán: Redefining Whiskey Complexity

A harmonious fusion of Virgin Chestnut and Tawny Port casks elevates this single malt to unparalleled levels of flavour.

A whiskey set of the award winning Irish whiskey, The Taoscán

The Emerald Isle: An Ultra-Rare Irish Treasure

Explore The Emerald Isle Collection, the oldest and rarest triple distilled whiskey on Earth, encompassing the world’s first Fabergé Celtic Egg. Seven, and only seven, exist. Accept nothing but the best.

A whiskey set of the most expensive Irish whiskey in the world, The Emerald Isle

Discover the Art of Whiskey Excellence

whiskey barrels from the best Irish whiskey company, the Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

From Ireland’s past to 21st-century science, our unforgettable tale continues. Discover our single-malt treasures and learn about our mission.

A whiskey glass and two bottles of premium Irish whiskey sitting on a whiskey cask

A story in every sip. An Irish legacy reborn. We innovate, push boundaries, unlock new flavours and reimagine science to create the ultimate rare whiskeys.

luxury Irish whiskey, the Devil's Keep single malt, a pipette and an erimon glass

Timeless, deep and full of character, the whiskeys in our collection are crafted to perfection. Enter into the heart of true whiskey craftsmanship.

The Brollach: A Legacy of Distinction


A lifetime of passion distilled into every drop, this is the essence of Irish whiskey perfection.

A whiskey set of the finest Irish whiskey, The Taoscán

Our Whiskeys

Award-winning and record-breaking; these single malts have redefined Irish whiskey for a global audience of connoisseurs.

The Devil's Keep 2023 Edition, a double gold-winning Irish whiskey crown jewel

The Devil’s Keep 2023 Edition

Introducing The Devil's Keep 2023 Edition, a Double Gold-winning Irish whiskey crown jewel, meticulously crafted and limited to a mere 333 bottles.

ABV: 46.13% | Volume: 70CL
Taoscan Irish Whiskey

The Taoscán

The world’s first and only Port & Chestnut whiskey, innovatively crafted. Matured in American Oak Bourbon and Sherry Oloroso, then split and finished in Tawny Port and Chestnut.

ABV: 48.53% | Volume: 70CL
award winning whiskey The Brollach

The Brollach

The culmination of a search for a whiskey to honour family and Ireland. Matured in bourbon casks and finished in rare French Oak Madeira; an intricate balance of exquisite notes.

ABV: 46.44% | Volume: 70CL
utlra rare irish whiskey collection the Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle

An ultra-rare collection of just seven bottles. The oldest and rarest whiskey in existence and the world’s first Fabergé Celtic Egg. A handcrafted heirloom collectable of the highest calibre.

ABV: 48.5% | Volume: 70CL
Exclusive luxury Irish whiskey the Aodh

The Aodh

An exclusive release of just 88 bottles. Fusing ultra-rare whiskey with technological innovation, our latest release is one of near-mythical standing.

ABV: 45.9% | Volume: 70cl

Our Accessories

Honouring the exquisite flavour profiles of our carefully crafted single malts, these accessories create an unrivalled whiskey experience.

one of the best irish whiskey glasses, the Erimon glass

The Érimón Glass Set

Combining science and artistry, The Érimón Glass Set of 2 enhances the whiskey's flavours and aromas to their pinnacle, offering the ultimate tasting experience.

Whiskey experience box 1060 x 644

The Perfect Serve Whiskey Experience Box

This gift box is comprised of two Érimón Glasses, a Cigar Cutter, four Obsidian whiskey stones and a precisely engineered Pipette.

Whiskey stones

The Obsidian Whiskey Stones

Crafted from semi-precious obsidian, sourced from the foothills of Armenian mountains to cool without dilution.

The Obsidian Gemstone Ashtray, luxury companion to the finest irish whiskey

The Obsidian Gemstone Ashtray

For the cigar connoisseur, crafted from semi-precious obsidian. An intriguing and unique piece art.

Discover The Craft Of Our Luxury Irish Whiskey