The Finn Glass


Years of scientific research have created the perfect whiskey glass for both sophisticated celebrations and quiet moments of reflection. Where The Érimón leans towards the tasting and nosing of whiskey, The Finn has been designed for the social whiskey drinker. Its stem allows you to raise a toast or to sit in convivial company with a whiskey in hand, without the heat of your palm passing to the glass.

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With smell responsible for around 80% of taste and the experience of flavour, the focus when designing our glassware was to remove the ethanol vapours. By triggering the nerves in the nose and creating a burning sensation, these vapours detract from the true flavours and enjoyment of the whiskey. In removing and lessening the effect of the ethanol, the whiskey drinker can appreciate the full complexity of flavour and layers of taste often masked by the ethanol.

A man holding a finn glass for luxury whiskey


This process begins with the material. Soda-lime glass was chosen over the more common crystal or borosilicate as the amorphous molecular structure allows it to absorb the molecules within the ethanol, leaving fewer on the nose. While the molecules in the more commonly used crystal or borosilicate are rigid, in soda-lime glass they’re in constant movement, meaning it more readily absorbs the ethanol from the liquid.

A man holding a luxury whiskey glass


The Finn’s design was built around soda-lime glass’ properties to enable the greatest absorption of the molecules by the glass. Playing on gravity and geometry, it enhances the absorption of the ethanol into the soda-lime glass with cleverly conceived design concepts.


At the base of the glass, a conical shaped depression sits, waiting for the whiskey to be poured. Once the liquid hits that ‘Vortex Point’, it creates a swirling tornado, spinning the ethanol down to the base and out to the sides of the glass where it’s absorbed into the walls. It may be a small design element, but it epitomises the thought and attention to detail that go into every element of our whiskeys and the experience.

The Finn glass by The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.


The bulb design complements and encourages the dissipation of the ethanol. Where a straight-sided glass would allow the ethanol to travel unchecked to the nose, the bulb shape creates more wall space for the ethanol to be transferred to. Gravity and the Vortex Point encourage the ethanol down to the base of the glass where the amorphous structure is more active. Using soda-lime glass allows the base to be thicker, thereby absorbing more molecules and providing a more enjoyable ergonomic experience for the drinker. The stem of the glass allows the drinker to raise it in a toast, or to appreciate the golden hues of the whiskey.


As the aroma and ethanol vapours continue their journey up the glass, the bulb arches in and out in a chicane-like curve. Just as a chicane in motorsports forces the cars to slow, so the chicane on the glass slows the movement of the ethanol. In doing so it allows the glass time to absorb more of the vapour as it makes its way towards the nose.

A divergent rim along the top forces any remaining ethanol vapours to disappear over the edge. All that is left are the pure whiskey notes, the deep, dark flavours of maple syrup, caramel and vanilla imparted by phenol compounds such as guaiacol and eugenol.

A person holding a glass of award winning whiskey


In removing the ethanol and subsequent burn, the experience has been transformed. From the first sniff to the last sip, the flavours are as they were intended; richly complex, intriguing and vibrant. The drinker can detect more of the phenolic compounds and deep dark flavours that would otherwise have been hindered by the overpowering ethanol. This is the ultimate whiskey drinking glass.

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