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Jay Bradley | Whiskey as a CoVID-19 Hedge

October 17, 2020

Bloomberg: Whiskey as a CoVID-19 Hedge

Jay Bradley, our Founder and Co-Founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, spoke to Bloomberg exploring investing in whiskey and why the pandemic has changed investor behaviour. 

“Cask Whiskey is a very stable market. Based on three things. ScarcitySpecial release/momentous occasionAwards and accolades. 

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s The Devils Keep hits all three driving factors: 

  • Only 333 bottles. 
  • An inaugural release. It’s extremely rare to be able to buy a luxury brand’s very first release. 
  • Since launching in 2018, we’ve received international recognition, broken world records as the most expensive first release whiskey in history and sold out of our inaugural release in record time. 

The idea of investing in a bottle might be new to you but the proven returns truly are fantastic. To give you an idea: The Macallan Jubilee 12-year-oldwith 2012 bottles, originally sold for £300. Eight years the same bottles have sold for £8,000 per bottle, that’s a 2566% increase. Keeping in mind The Devils Keep will only have 100 of these inaugural bottles remaining globally, unopened, makes this whiskey a very rare commodity. 

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