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The Devil’s Keep Becomes Most Expensive Debut Whiskey Ever

December 2, 2020

Elite Traveler has praised The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’s inaugural release, ‘The Devil’s Keep, for breaking whiskey records by becoming the most expensive debut whiskey ever, sold at auction for $60,000 in Houston. Jay Bradley, entrepreneur, whiskey expert, and founder of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. and sister company Whiskey and Wealth Club, has endeavoured to restore Irish whiskey’s ultra-luxury status as the leader of the world whiskey market through the exclusive debut release.

This highly collectable whiskey’s admirability is enhanced by the decanter created by designer Tiago Russo, presented in award-winning packaging alongside spring water taken from the same region as the whiskey, a gold-plated water pipette, whiskey stones, fragrance ‘The Angel’s Share’, created by expert perfumer Sarah McCartney, and custom-designed exclusive whiskey glasses.

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